Tuesday, January 31, 2006



Cast us not into eternal sleep oh Great Spirit!
Oh Great One keep the veil of death always beneath us,
That we may always rise to do your bidding,
Where many of men have failed may we succeed,
When the darkness may grip many of men ,
May we be the Light to release them from bondage,
When the voice of evil may come against us,
May the shelter of your wisdom and knowledge grant us potency,
We offer this Poem to you are Eternal Father and thank you for all you give us every moment of our Existence.

Mother Earth

Oh Mother Earth we thank you for our Cosmic Home,
We thank you for all you provide for us,
Oh let us know you deeper and more intimately,
Let us feel your breath, we ask your permission,
WE wish to know you for you are our true keeper,
What can we do to please you in all sincerity ?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Transcending Physical Consciousness

We are born in a world today that offers us little proof of our own spiritual existence. We start in school at very young ages and learn material based sciences and philosophies by heart ( think to that phrase "By Heart"). In all of these researchings we have little or no proof of our own Eternal Existence with capital letters with the exception of so-called specialized fields of interests and specialized books and publications. In fact the very word "Eternal" has become like a science fiction based reality that really can't be proven or atleast this is what the ruling classes may want us to believe. By keeping a innocent race of people blind it is easy to keep them only concerned about greed, lust, hatred, fear, envy, jealousy, and away from the existence of their soul and spirit. Keeping them far away from what they are makes it easy to oppress them and keep them indifferent , when they should be fighting for a more moral and Life-giving idealistic spiritually based culture. Instead they keep us more concerned with sex, drugs, violence, cruelty, and we destroy ourselves from our own ignorance, and the soceity we live in is always ready to feed ones own ignorance, and even holds the foundation to make one become ignorant if he or she isn't already.Most people are ignorant to some degree because what we are taught about are own life is even fake. We are taught we are born , but as matter of fact we have a spirit and our spirit does begin its great eartly transcendency upon what the world will label as birth. Birth if seen accurately using the mind of your spirit is just the very last extension of this universal phenomenon. We may consider death in a similar manner , death is just a end in the sense of this earthly transcendency, but it is a door open back into the eternal multidimensionally based realm of your spirit-soul structure where your physical life is over and you may take another physical life elsewhere or even on the same cosmic-spirit planetary body we call earth. We may now uncover why the Native Indians called it Mother Earth because it does have spirit. When a spirit does wait for it transcendency upon mother earth or elsewhere it does need a vessel to obtain its phsycial life or incarnation on earth, and this is partly where the term mother has come along to be in association with earth, and association with the birth of life or the spirit-soul structure using the terrestrial element of mother earth to form a phsyical life called transcendency of the spirit or incarnation. So as we need this Mother Earth to be here "in Life" we may see that the Native Indians were not the people many of us may thought them to be.They did consider life "Sacred" and did posses sacred knowledge and sacred rituals that were not used to harm life but used to have reverence to all life in spirit. As we can see what the white man in his ignorance did to those people, and by decimating them greatly lessened his own chance to unravel the "Great Universal Mysteries" of his own existence. This is truly barbarism, and we should do everything as we can as a race to gain back their acknowledgment, and hopefully for some of us one day their trust.
In our minds we see a reality that is so limited because most of us do not have the sense of eternity active in us. We have been lulled to sleep through false teachings. You think there is a end but if you were aware of your spirit you would not perceive any end.The unconscious mind or mind of the spirit does direct our own life, but if we cling only to our beliefs we shall never go beyond them where existence can br found. 99% of the time what we have been taught is wrong therefore it can serve as a blockade in the sense if we let go or move that blockade we may find something else. That something else maybe the voice of your spirit that can even save your phsyical life many times. The spirit is a intelligence that does deserve our recognition, and if we fail to recognize it, it may fail to recognize us, therefore we need to always seek better ways to come closer to our spirit, through transcendental meditative exercise, prayer, guidance from a enlightened teacher etc.. We must direct our energies towards what can save us rather than earthly pleasures that can become vices and assist in our own ignorant habitual way of life. Anything that is truly a passion can take us to what we call transcendental awareness. This is knowledge of things that come from the mind of our spirit and sometimes even stretching to the mind of our Creator. Your own will for life can save you or destroy you by your own way and purpose you direct your life.If you want to find Eternal life you must direct your will toward that, and in time you shall find your salvation. Salvation is a Path it is not something you just attain and then everything is fine you must liberate yourself and you must fight to keep on that Path doing whatever it takes to maintain a balance between what we call physical life and spiritual life. We must adhere to both and not just one or it can create a imbalance.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Finding True Love

Finding true love is a difficult task in todays soceity where we lack the knowledge and awareness essential in finding the right soul mate as we call it in todays so-called modern world. Since we live mostly with some exceptions in a conscious-based reality we seldom find the guidance we need to obtain liberation from our own false unspiritually based philosopies. As the Native Indians still say today if you want to find the woman of your destiny you must first find your own spirit and align with its will. The spirit mind is the highest intelligence of your own being and does exist beyond the conscious mind. So if you find this guidance you may begin to manifest your destiny as some like to say. It is more like aligning with the will of you spirit, and then the forces of destiny. This spirit does exist in a multidimensionally based reality, and does not harbor anything that we perceive in our conscious mind, such as fear, ignorance, illusions etc..This is why we need this intelligence it knows the proper mate for us and many others things as well. In fact for some there may or may not be a soul mate in their destiny.
The most important thing a man or woman can do in finding true love and keeping true love is by finding the spirit being once again. In anything we do to seek to attain to the highest level of success we must come to the level of our spirits, and then from there we can touch our God as we call it or many will call it a Supreme Creator which I have come to know as a more accurate description. In doing this we find in ourselves the spirit man and spirit woman, which knows how to endeavor and how to please each other. Together you endure through the years with the wisdom and love that comes from your spirit and the creator of all. When you have touched that love for each other that is in your spirit you have the endurance you need to make it through years of trials and pitfalls along with all of the great unforgettable moments that we cherish through a lifetime but have so little of when we don't seek to put our spirit which is our highest qualities into our life. In all we does as matter of Truth, the spirit must come first when you please your spirit you please yourself, and nothing shall stop you but yourself. In all kinds of insurmountable situations where there earthly people will tell us the odds are not in our favor we make it and they call it a miracle, but it is not a miracle it is simply what most do not know or recognize, because of blindness. Blindness is caused primarily from setting ones mind only on the things of the earth, and whether we realize this or not is is time as a race to. we must not live our lives just for ourselves or we shall reap only pains and sufferings. Lets stand up and eliminate anything that is wrong in us so we may come to the "Right Path". If we never ask ourselves what is right or wrong in ourselves we may never find the courage to change these things and go beyond our personal egos. Life is not sung by us but by the voice that is beyond us this voice harbors no error. If we never seek to listen to that voice we may find our lives more difficult than they need to be. When we find this guiding force of the spirit we live easier but ofcourse many will not agree with us because they choose the wrong path, but this is there own destiny does not have to be ours. We pay a price for things we do wrong so why do we have to keep doing this? We step on our brothers or sisters foot many times not even knowing it, and then when our foot gets stepped upon we get angry and say why did that have to happen to me? The answer is it doesnt have to happen to you, but you must wake up.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Most people have questioned themselves on the validity and truth of karma. We have lived our lives in many ways, and have come upon different results, and then we have questioned these results. When we act upon oursleves we usually generate what we call bad or negative karma. Acting in our own way can be a fear-based reality. We think to ourselves through our ego, and what would be easiest and best for ourselves, many times not thinking of others involved. We think mostly through the mortal or conscious mind that is limited because we are disconnected from our spirit-mind reality, which is aligned with the universal laws and spiritual laws, therefore in our conscious based imprinted reality can be a haven of errors. We think therefore we know ....ahhh this can be error...yes when we are right we do not think we just know. When we say we just know something, this is a unconscious phenomenon. The truth is always found in the realm of the unconscious mind. If you generate all kinds of studies you will see that the highest majority of answers that were true indeed, were established without thinking at all. They just came as a voice from beyond , as a messge not generated through anything we have been taught, or anything we have read. As matter of fact much of are dark karma can stem from improper teachings. From teachers that have no true idea of the nature of the soul and spirit. If your a bird and your teacher does not know you possess wings ( spirit), then what he teaches you can be a strap around your wings preventing you from flight ( enlightenment). A age old proverb tell us if we love something we should set it free, but many times we set everything free but ourselves. We link to this mortal reality where nothing lasting can be found , and then we cling to that fake reality in hopes we will attain something, but we cannot attain anything everlasting using this approach. The greatest poverty is the unseen poverty it is not the poverty of having no money or shelter etc. It is the poverty we cause in ourselves by fearing our own existence which is greater than life in itself. Spiritual poverty harbors boredom, fear, cruelty, lust, greed, and any other selfish way we can desire to live. Far too much emphasis in life is placed on desire to gain a rich material life, and this emphasis does delude us from the truth, it can take us from the core of our own spiritual self.
Through many many eons of time the ruling races on earth have taken our sacred spiritual writings, teachings, and even teachers. They have been replaced with a fake or mystified version that would confuse even the most spiritually inclined individual. Look at your world and it is easy to see that there is so much pain and fear devouring humanity. The suicide rates have been climbing up the wall, and when one commits this act we all suffer from it. We must strive to give back to our race what it needs, and what it truly needs is the metaphysical knowledge and teachings that will bring it back to it universal existential life. Without this sacred knowledge we can be doomed, and our own ignorance, and self absorbed lifestyles can be a major contributing factor in this process of degeneration. The bite of Dark Karma can be hard if we continue to live in this described manner, however at anytime we can pry the jaws of Dark Karma open with good deeds, searching for truth, and doing all we can to ignite that flame in ourselves and keep it lit for a light unto others as well. You see karma can be a mystery , however once we know what we are doing in life we can start to understand karma. Understanding life means going beyond the level of conscious knowledge which is what we are imprinted with by birth or inception into this life of flesh and blood. We anger at ourselves why our lives are in this condition yet we don't look at our lives and see what we have done to others. There is always three possibilities, we have done well to another, we have harmed another, or we have remained neutral. Neutrality can serve a higher purpose if we know not the right course of action to take in any given situation. This for the beginning student of spiritual teachings or metaphysical teachings can serve as a way to instill patience, and in time wisdom in any being of the universe. We come to a time in our spiritual growth that we recognize when we are right and develope our courage and take action. Guided through the wisdom of our spirit we can harbor no errors, but the conscious mind must be conquered. We must search without knowing any end, and in time the gates of the unknown shall open, and there we shall find the part of ourselves that we have neglected. This is part of our own universal existence, that has mostly been hidden from us. Once we taste this part of our own spirit being, we shall always want to know more and strive to attain this.
The world is plagued every day more and more with disasters coming from unseen forces, that few will perceive. What many do not know is we as a race can cause much of this havoc, through living not aligned with the universal laws. Lying, stealing, killing, and polluting our just some of the ways we can fall out of balance with The Great Mother Earth . We belong to this Great Cosmic Planetary Body, and we must respect it, and not just consider it something we own, but rather a being of cosmic origin that does sustain our physical life. It gives us our food, and offers us shelter and what we do in return is very little and some will not do anything at all or just continue to abuse this Cosmic Being we call Earth. We damage her and wonder why we live in floods, war, and famines. Think deeply to the way you live and see how this Dark Karma can take over your own life, and ultimately you decide how to live in respect to the laws of the Universe, and you bring the Dark Karma upon yourself through your own lack of wisdom and awareness. This is why we as a race must reevaluate our lives, and make the right changes if we are to survive the coming challenges, and live to see a spiritual life on this cosmic planetary body we call Earth. I pray for all you who sincerely want to make that change and wish you peace, wisdom, and truth on your path.
Many times we experience hatred towards those cruel people we have to work with live with etc...Those who mock us for wanting to live a better life will always see in time that there deeds will not prove fruitful to them in the end. We must come to our Supreme Creator with our hatreds our fears and in him we may find transmutation and greater understanding of karmic laws. Sometimes we cannot say the way we feel in this life because of the level of evil around us, and unfortunatley the evil is protected in the sense that if you confront the evil verbally many times you increase the level of hatred so much against you that you may find life very difficult to live, and unless your of a higher level of spiritual achievment and wisdom you may not like to suffer the consequences. We ask ourselves is there another way to fight the evil of this world. One way is becoming more aware of the laws of Karma and Universal laws things that we do come back on us good things and bad things as we like to call them. There for striving for this awareness within our spirit we shall have a greater wisdom, and how to fight that evil will be directed through our spirit being. We must always strive to attain this guidance, and it is truly the only guidance. The other guidance of the world does not bring man to his own salvation, and many times can just regress him from those spiritual like goals. The world is a plague of desires, and man must fight to keep out of this net, and meditate, and pray with sincerity of heart, and through meditation and transcendence we shall touch our creator and find the truth of our own existential life, and let that candle burn, that we may have meaning and purpose, and that meaning and purpose may exceed anything else we consider important. Ahh this is Real Life ....with capital letters.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Conscious Language Vs. Unconscious Meanings

We all speak in a language that we are taught by birth, and explained in defintions. This language we speak however, does sprout from meanings. Yes, we speak in meanings not just by what we are taught from the level of conscious mind awareness. We have a vast amount of indisputable knowledge within our unconscious mind, which does come from our soul-spirit structure and even some cases will originate from our Creator or God as we all like to call that Primordial Source of All. You see the conscious mind can be a nest of errors, this is why the gurus,lamas and such spend years of their lives praticing different forms of transcendental meditative practices and other forms of meditation to transcede the illusion of the imprinted conscious mind where the knowledge may be incorrect, but the knowledge of the spirit or unconscious mind cannot because we are born with that knowledge it comes from our inner most being. Like Christ said the "TRUTH" can set you free, but this is the truthful truth, and not a learned truth, but rather a discovered truth within ones spirit-being, also called "Sacred Knowledge".
Through reading many different spiritual, religious, poetic etc... books and publications we have come into contact with many sacred knowledges, but they are spread out and have to be sifted, and discovered sometimes in a mountain of mystified teachings or sacred writings that have been altered or purposely changed to keep people far away from the truth. As long as humanity as a race is kept from their own universal origin they can be ruled by the elite races of this world of the Great Mother Earth, that many have lost the awareness of the earth as a sacred cosmic being. The Mother Earth does have its own innate purification system that many are unaware of , but as you can see tradgedys come and for many are unexplained, but many times we know not how these people who have been hurt or lost their lives lived while they were walking the Skin of The Great Mother Earth Being. I am proud to be allowed to walk on this great Surface of The Mother Earth Being , and more and more as my life passes I revere her for her great Strength and Wisdom. If you care for her she will care for you, but if not many times when others are saved from disaster like situations you may or may not depending on who you owe your life to, a system of the conscious mind or a unconscious system of our Creator God and Our Mother Earth. They Live in the memory of our soul and spirit, but if we don't search for that memory or knowledge we may miss the boat of this physical incarnation. However with prayer, meditation, and search we may save our soul and Live more to the way our Creator has intended us to be.
Most of us have all had experiences in this life that lead us to the conclusion that there is another force that guides us beyond our consciously known reality. There is more to life than that with which we can taste, touch, feel, smell, and see with our visual eyes. We have many times in our lives where we just know something, could be anything, and we don't know why we know we just know. Like the river flows and gives life, but does not think to what it does it just does. We have that same eternal flow of life in us, but ofcourse many are unaware of it, or have fragmented moments of it. We cannot possess this life force it just flows through us, and is directed unconsciously, but because of the learned conscious mind we disreguard something in us that is already established. Yes! it is already established innate intelligence, yet your schools will teach you otherwise, and distort the truth, and challenge your own intelligence in a way that will never help you, and sometimes may prolong your spiritual growth and sometimes stop it or atleast put it on pause. Many of us are living in this spiritual amnesia, and are totally or partially unaware of it. One of the keys of igniting this spiritual growth, and transcendental awareness is the search for truth. We must never stop doing this through out our lives, and meditative excercises do help this activation in us also. This is one of the greatest pleasures that can save us, and can never be taken from us even if books are unavailable .....our spirit is everpresent.
So it is very clear and easy to recognize the fact that we even speak in meanings. One person may say something to you and then the next person may say the same thing however you have 2 different meanings from what each person did tell to you. So even logically speaking there is a unconsciously directed phenomenon occuring in us. Our spirit does have a language of its own, and through meditation and other forms of transcendental activation we can touch these things more on our own, and live through this guided existence that is meant for all incarnated spirits of this Universe. We have been civilized yet our spirit is a intelligence on its own, and does not need to be taught how to live, but just realized in the human body or instrument as many will call it. We live through playing our own tune yet beyond the tune is of the spirit and this is where life does change, and becomes much more than what we are here in the body. We are only limited because of our awarness and our imprinted belief systems, beyond this is another reality with a wealth of indisputable knowledge. This knowledge can be disputed with those who are unaware, however within yourself you know it as the absolute truth, where others lacking in spiritual awareness will try to prove it wrong with conscious mind concepts, but in a nonsecular reality that can never be compared. It is like comparing the view from a bottom of a building with the view from the top of the building. There is surely another reality, and another way to live and understand Life with a capital L, but we have become so inundated with our present desires and scholastic knowledge that we have sealed some of our own fates. However with hope you can always escape. The search for truth does save man from his own mistakes, and takes him to another frame of understanding. This is the Truth which shall set you free, and it is within you and beyond you, and outside of you.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Stepping on the Path of Spiritual Liberation

Overcoming ignorance can be one of Lifes greatest obstacles. Many will consider the greatest obstacles in life our those that we cannot see with our physical eyes. In life we are burdened with many desires that do not always help us and in most cases can hinder us in our spiritual development. These our pleasures, and we shall concentrate on 2 gr0ups of pleasures. The first group will be pleasures that can save and the second group will be pleasures that can kill, destroy or lessen our spiritual strengths. Most of us that are attracted to read these spiritual writings and such have had more or less stronger feelings than the average person. We all know that there are limits in this life , but one thing that seems unlimited is our spiritual potential and " Search For Truth". The search for truth can be exhibited in many fields of interest, such as art, reading, writing, poetry, meditation and many more as long as what you do has a higher meaning and opens you up to your spiritual identity. These our the pleasures of the spirit which I consider one of the most important in our spiritual development and freedom from Earthly restraints, which can be many, and ultimately we place on ourselves from lack of awareness. Ofcourse we do not live in a spiritual world, which makes it very easy for the spiritually or metapysically uneducated individual to fall into darkness and/or ignorance.

The second group of pleasures are the ones that can kill our soul eventually. These as we all know our eating, drinking, sex, and anything that can hinder our own true or spiritual nature. We all do these things with the exception of a few rare groups , but we do not have to become addicted or reach the level of vice. At the level of vice that pleasure may become a great enemy, and has oftentimes destroyed so many of us without our knowledge even or many will deny it at first. That which brings us closer to our Creator or God does not bring us fleeting happiness, but when we touch that part within ourselves we realize that it is always there, but it is the selfish greedy part that is in us that we deny that part of eternity that is in our spirit. Seeking only things of this world can take a man into his own destruction, but looking the other way and searching for the truth of our own Universal Origin we find a pleasure that can save us and bring back that sense of eternity that is not a present , but is earned like any good thing is.
We love many things of this world, and people call it normal to be in this way. When one speaks too much of spiritual insight one is considered in this time abnormal, but in a spiritually free world it would be the other way around. How many times have you woke up and really praised that Supreme Creator of All for your life, because he is responsible for your life. Your mother and father just serve as conduits to bring you in this world your spirit has its origins far beyond this earth. Those who really regognize these words are usually older spirits who were created before other spirits of the Universe were and whose travels and many incarnations have brought them wisdom and insight. Or you may feel that you are more than what you are and have just begun the search. Either way if you continue earnestly with passion you will be saved despite any obstacles in your path. Truth is there within us and beyond us, and is free for those who search for it diligently and with a open mind.Truth is life saving as Christ and so many prophets have said before us. The Truth is above anything and we need it in our life it is a key ingredient, and very potent. It can save us from disasters, it can be a rope that we use to pull our way up the mountain that is life. We must as a race free ourselves from death in the sense of a end that is not so. Death is a door we open when we leave this physical form that so many choose to be bound by. Yes, we choose to be bound by this illusion of death, and because there is so much evil in this world they are always waiting in the shadows for those who will attempt to know the beyond. They cannot stop ones search though because the truth cannot be destroyed.